1. What Factors Can Cause Eyewitnesses to Make Errors in Criminal Cases?

    Eyewitness testimony can be rendered inaccurate by conditions during a crime, poorly designed identification protocols and the general nature of memory. Eyewitness testimony can be a critical form of evidence in many criminal cases in Fort Collins, points out our local criminal lawyer. In some instances, such as assault and homicide cases, this may even be the primary form of evidence that links a…Read More

  2. Proving an Illegal Search Can Mean Release From Jail

    Since 1996, 16 Colorado counties have been part of a U.S. government effort to curb drug crime in high-intensity trafficking areas throughout the country. According to the Department of Justice, Colorado's well-established highway infrastructure and the region's central location linking Mexico and Canada, as well as eastern and western states, make it appealing for illegal drug transportation and …Read More

  3. Court Rules on Use of Cellphone Evidence for Tracking Suspects

    A Florida court recently limited the use of data from cellphones as evidence. This holding will likely influence similar decisions in Colorado, as it is one of the first on a novel subject area. Need to get directions to a friend's house, double check where a doctor's office is located or make a call to check on the status of a medication? There is likely an app for that. Although these applicatio…Read More

  4. Underage DUI Can Cost Students Their Driving Privileges

    A DUI Attorney Can Help This is a very busy time of the year for high school and college students. Classes have begun, and many students will have busy social calendars. Friends and family may be commemorating the kick off of the school year, which gives these students plenty of opportunities to celebrate. If under the age of 21, students need to be aware of some of the potential consequences tha…Read More

  5. Colorado’s “100 Days of Heat” DUI Crackdown Now Underway

    For Colorado drivers, Memorial Day weekend marked the kickoff of a summer driving under the influence crackdown nicknamed "100 Days of Heat." The statewide initiative is a collaborative effort between the Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies across the state to keep intoxicated drivers off the road during the summer months, typically peak season for alcohol-related accidents in…Read More

  6. Colorado DUI Laws Now Account for Marijuana Use

    Last year, Colorado voters made history when they approved a constitutional amendment aimed at legalizing the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana. While this vote was certainly a milestone in Colorado law, it left lawmakers scrambling to create new regulations and guidelines for as to how marijuana would be regulated going forward. One such consideration that lawmakers had to address …Read More

  7. Despite Decriminalization, 10,000 Pot Arrests Each Year in Colorado

    In Colorado, possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized since 1975, but that does not mean that it is without legal risks. In fact, a recent report based on FBI data found that Colorado police now make more than 10,000 marijuana arrests each year, more than double the number made in 1986. Current Colorado Marijuana Law Under current Colorado law, possession of less than two o…Read More

  8. Colorado Voters to Consider Legalizing Marijuana Possession

    When Colorado voters cast their ballots in the November 2012 election, they will have the opportunity to decide the fate of a proposed law that would make it legal for adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or cultivate up to six plants for personal recreational use. Supporters of the law advocate the potential cost-savings for the state, but those against the proposal cite the conflict wi…Read More

  9. Colorado Lawmakers Propose New DUI Marijuana Standard

    Legislators across the country are constantly passing increasingly strict driving under the influence laws. Colorado lawmakers are no exception, as they try to address the issue of driving while under the influence of marijuana even while the state allows residents to use marijuana medicinally, and in November 2012, voters will decide whether to legalize recreational use of the drug. Senate Bill 1…Read More