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  • I would recommend this firm to anyone needing legal help
    I was in need of legal representation and was told to see Roselle and Breitigam. Living out of state made it difficult but Will Breitigam handled my case with professionalism and courtesy. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing legal help. Thank you to Will, Jerry, Brittany and Darla for everything you did for us.

    - Diane S.

  • An answer to our prayers.
    Will Breitigam's law practice was an answer to our prayers. Will and his team were entirely professional, timely, informative and instilled confidence without leading us down any rabbit holes during our legal battles. I hope our family never needs their services again, however, if we do, Will is the first person we would contact. I recommend this practice without reservations.

    - Julie D.

  • I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
    Attorney Breitigam helped me on a case in 2019 and I could not speak more highly of him. My case was solved quickly, his office was helpful, responsive and caring while I was going though a very hard time. Rosselle and Breitigam went above and beyond to make sure the case was resolved. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

    - Annie J.

  • I always felt Will was working for me
    An attorney friend of mine highly recommended the law firm of Roselle & Breitigam. I spoke with Will Breitigam and explained my situation and he agreed to represent me. Will and his staff were always very personable and professional and answered all my calls and emails in a timely manner. As things seemed to drag out due to Covid, I always felt Will was working for me. With Will’s persistence in talking with the District Attorney, my case was dropped. I am very appreciative of the results Will was able to provide for me.

    - Gary M.

  • Grateful for the time and attention spent on our case
    We were grateful for the time and attention spent on our case. They were always very helpful and knowledgeable. It didn't matter of the time of day when we emailed or called with a question or needed something that they got back quickly.

    - April A.

  • Proactive approach and continuous communication
    R&B came highly recommended from a retired Fort Collins lawyer that I had worked with in the past. After a short discussion, I decided to work with Mr. Breitigam with no regrets. His proactive approach and continuous communication throughout the process was impeccable.

    - Steve R.

  • Helped navigate domestic violence in Colorado

    We found ourselves in a situation with the state based on a concerned citizen. While having a marital dispute, we found ourselves in rather unfortunate circumstances that may or may not have needed official or legal intervention. That being said, my lawyer Will was on the other end of the line and we were so fortunate for that. He worked with my husband and I to quickly operate through the domestic violence obstacle course. However inconvenient, I have found myself better for the situation and many thanks to Will and Brittany.

    - Danielle

  • Justice was fair in DUI case

    I was referred to William by a friend of mine when I was charged with a DUI. The police officer that arrested me was self righteous and very underhanded, and tried his best to make me admit to being intoxicated even though I wasnt. I work for the government, and have a Top Secret security clearance so being charged with a DUI would have ruined my career. William worked with me throughout the entire ordeal, even when I was deployed to Afghanistan. In the end I got what I deserved, a careless driving ticket. William defended me brilliantly and ensured that justice was fair. I cannot thank him enough.

    - Noah

  • No attorneys will work harder for you and on your behalf.
    I have known and used the outstanding services of both Jerry Roselle and Will Breitigam for numerous years. There are not two more knowledgeable or helpful attorneys in the northern Colorado area. Their combined experience with the Larimer County court system and ancillary departments is unparalleled. They are both professional, intelligent, helpful, compassionate lawyers AND humans. My experiences with them has always been positive and they are tireless in their representation and care. Both Jerry and Will are very well respected and I highly recommend them for any needs that may arise. No attorneys will work harder for you and on your behalf.

    - Arr E.

  • Extremely helpful and did a great job with explaining the legal process clearly.

    Jerry was extremely helpful and did a great job with explaining the legal process clearly. He is responsive, knowledgeable and very gracious.

    I was arrested on false charges for a DUI, and Jerry went after the lab that performed the blood test to get the correct results showing that I was under the legal limit. He did a thorough investigation and looked at every detail in the police report and body camera to defend my case. He was passionate about my case and believed strongly in defending me. When meeting with the DA, Jerry told me that he would not stop working until the charges were dropped- and he held to his word.

    As a former prosecutor himself, he is very knowledgeable and has good standing relationships with judges and police officers, giving him an advantage in court. If Jerry would not have gone after the lab that conducted the blood test, I believe I would have never heard any news and possibly been charged on a false accusation. He is passionate about defending freedom from any faults in the justice system, and he truly cares about the well-being of his clients. I would recommend him to anyone who runs into trouble with Larimer County.

    - Zachary

  • I highly recommend to anyone needing a DUI/DWAI lawyer

    I was charged with a DWAI which on the advice of my lawyer at the time I plead guilty to the charge. I was then recommended to William shortly thereafter to help me “clean up” the mess my original lawyer caused so I would be able to deploy overseas. William immediately went to work on my case and was able to get all my court ordered requirements waived such as probation, community service etc. William was extremely supportive of my situation and truly did an amazing job. If I initially went with William from the beginning I would have saved a lot of time and headache. I would highly recommend William to anyone needing a DUI/DWAI lawyer.

    - Pascal

  • Hard work and dedication

    In 2012, I was charged with a felony for possession and distribution. It was my first arrest, and my family had contacted Jerry because he had done me a tremendous favor (at no cost) back when I was 16 and received an MIP. Based on some evidence and a codefedant, Jerry was able to completely dismiss my case. This year, in 2016, I received a DUI charge, and Jerry’s partner Will Breitigam, helped to plead my case down to a DWAI, and I did not have to lose my license or get a restricted license. Without Jerry and Will, those two cases could have severely effected my life for the worse, and I am grateful for their professionalism, hard work and dedication. The firm’s legal assistant Lindsey, and their receptionist Brittany, are both extremely friendly, kind and helpful. I highly recommend Roselle & Breitigam!

    - Annonymous