1. Extremely helpful and did a great job explaining the legal process clearly

    Jerry was extremely helpful and did a great job with explaining the legal process clearly. He is responsive, knowledgeable and very gracious. I was arrested on false charges for a DUI, and Jerry went after the lab that performed the blood test to get the correct results showing that I was under the legal limit. He did a thorough investigation and looked at every detail in the police report and bod…Read More

  2. Justice was fair in DUI Case

    I was referred to William by a friend of mine when I was charged with a DUI. The police officer that arrested me was self righteous and very underhanded, and tried his best to make me admit to being intoxicated even though I wasnt. I work for the government, and have a Top Secret security clearance so being charged with a DUI would have ruined my career. William worked with me throughout the entir…Read More

  3. Helped Navigate Domestic Violence in Colorado

    We found ourselves in a situation with the state based on a concerned citizen. While having a marital dispute, we found ourselves in rather unfortunate circumstances that may or may not have needed official or legal intervention. That being said, my lawyer Will was on the other end of the line and we were so fortunate for that. He worked with my husband and I to quickly operate through the domesti…Read More

  4. I highly recommend to anyone needing a DUI/DWAI Lawyer

    Highly Recommend I was charged with a DWAI which on the advice of my lawyer at the time I plead guilty to the charge. I was then recommended to William shortly thereafter to help me “clean up” the mess my original lawyer caused so I would be able to deploy overseas. William immediately went to work on my case and was able to get all my court ordered requirements waived such as probation, commu…Read More

  5. Hard Work and Dedication

    In 2012, I was charged with a felony for possession and distribution. It was my first arrest, and my family had contacted Jerry because he had done me a tremendous favor (at no cost) back when I was 16 and received an MIP. Based on some evidence and a codefedant, Jerry was able to completely dismiss my case. This year, in 2016, I received a DUI charge, and Jerry's partner Will Breitigam, helped to…Read More

  6. Worked Tirelessly and Proactively

    Jerry gave me an incredibly thorough consultation before he began working on my case. He got right to work and didn't leave any stone unturned. Jerry thought of everything as he worked tirelessly and proactively for me. He did piles of research and thoughtfully hired professionals (investigators, evaluators, etc.) to help. The end result of his work was exactly what I had hoped for. His entire off…Read More