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Misconceptions About Defense Attorneys


Criminal defense attorneys are known to have a reputation of representing the “bad guys,” and it’s likely you’ve seen them represented in the media, TV shows, and movies as soulless people who defend their clients despite knowing they’re guilty. Because of this reputation, there is a certain distrust around defense attorneys, and some clients believe their attorneys are there to ensure they get away with their crimes, but that’s not necessarily the case. A good defense attorney can mean the difference between spending years in prison and walk free, but the criminal justice system is uncertain. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the misconceptions associated with defense attorneys to give you a better understanding of how your defense attorney can help you.

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Some people are under the impression that defense attorneys work with the state and therefore don’t have their best intentions in mind. This can be a harmful misconception, as it could lead the client to not trust their defense attorney. The fact of the matter is that it’s highly unethical for an attorney to try and help anyone other than their client. Your defense attorney should be working hard to build a strong case that will help you receive the best possible outcome. If you’re worried that your defense attorney may not have your best intentions in mind, it may be worth it to ask about previous experience and results during the hiring process to help give yourself peace of mind.


The job of your defense attorney is to represent you to the best of their abilities, but that does not mean they are able to lie in the courtroom. In addition to representing their clients, attorneys are also held responsible for upholding the law and rules of the courtroom, and according to Rule 3.3 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, a lawyer may not knowingly lie or fail to correct a false statement. Additionally, your defense attorney is not allowed to offer false evidence in your case in an effort to sway the jury. That being said, while your defense attorney isn’t allowed to blatantly lie to the court, their job is to persuade the court and jury to view the evidence in a way that is in your favor.


As a citizen of the United States, you have a right to an attorney, and if you can’t afford to hire an attorney on your own, the court is legally obligated to assign one to you if that is what you request. That being said, many believe that public defenders are free and that they are just as good as attorneys you can hire on your own. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While there are certain public defenders that can provide you with the top-rate legal defense you deserve, many public defenders have only recently graduated from law school, and they are often underpaid and overburdened with numerous cases. This can result in public defenders who have limited capacity to dedicate to your specific case, meaning you may not get the best defense.

In addition to not always delivering the best legal counsel, it’s also a misconception that public defenders are free. While public defenders are supposed to be appointed at no cost to the defendant, 43 out of 50 states charge for public defense, including the state of Colorado. Because you’re going to have to pay for a defense attorney anyway, it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney who can dedicate more time and effort to your case.

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Many people assume that if they’re paying a large sum for a lawyer they will receive the best counsel possible, but that’s not always the case. When hiring a defense attorney, it’s important to look at the experience and the track record of each attorney. Some of the big-name attorneys will charge an arm and a leg to provide you with decent counsel that may keep you out of prison. However, there are affordable attorneys who have a passion for law, are confident, and can help build an expert defense. Either way, it’s important to weigh your options and look at past records, as a more expensive defense attorney isn’t always the best option.


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