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Why It Is Important to Tell Your Defense Attorney the Truth

Meeting with a Lawyer If you are facing a recent charge, whether drug related, DUI, a misdemeanor, domestic violence, or other, you likely are seeking the help of a defense attorney. Trying to handle the court system on your own is nearly impossible and likely won’t lend the result you are hoping for. While no lawyer can ever guarantee the final decision a court will make, hiring an experienced defense attorney in Fort Collins provides you with an advocate on your side who has handled cases like yours before. This experience means you have a chance to build an actual defense before your trial date arrives.

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When you are dealing with your defense attorney, however, it is critical that you have an open and honest relationship. Your attorney is governed by strict laws or rules of conduct as dictated by the American Bar Association. This means your defense attorney has to follow the standards outlined or they can face serious disciplinary actions. You, however, are not bound by any such code of conduct. It might be tempting to fudge the truth, to hide some facts, and to skirt around harsh realities surrounding your case. This is an extremely unwise course of action. Honesty is one of the most fundamental components to the relationship you will build with your defense attorney. Read on to learn exactly why you need to practice complete truth with your lawyer.


We have all heard about skeletons hanging out in closets, often pulled out when someone decides to run for a public office or aired over an intense dinner with the in-laws. Skeletons in the closet exist for pretty much any human on earth. However, having a proverbial skeleton in your closet during a trial can be detrimental if your defense attorney had no clue about that skeleton.

Imagine this scenario: Doug hires a defense attorney to help him with a recent DUI charge he is facing. He lets his defense attorney know about what happened the day he was charged, and the mistakes that led up to that moment. However, Doug decides not to let his attorney know about a past traffic infraction he never settled. If Doug was honest with his defense attorney, they could spend some time cleaning up with driving history before the trial. Without this information, the defense attorney will have a weaker case, and be ill prepared to handle the trial ahead.

No matter how inconsequential you think your skeletons are, bring them out of the closet before you go to trial. You better believe the prosecutor will air your dirty laundry.


After you have been charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony, it is definitely a good idea to be on your best behavior. Abstain from any activity that could paint you in a worse light when your trial time comes around. However, if you do slip up and take part in anything that could potentially be later used against you in trial after your charge, absolutely disclose this to your lawyer. Do not try to save face by hiding the facts. Your lawyer needs to know if you did anything after being charged that could influence the outcome of the trial. Keep in mind, your lawyer is not going to pass judgment on you. A good defense attorney is there to help you build the best case possible. This can only be done if they know exactly what you are up against.


If you are facing felony charges, traffic charges, misdemeanor charges, probation violation, drug charges, domestic violence charges, or any other criminal charge, contact our team right away. We are dedicated to helping our clients to the very best of our abilities. We will fight for you and help you build the best case possible. The fight begins by open communication between you and our team. When you are working with a defense attorney in Fort Collins on our team, you will receive the attention your case deserves. However, we can only do so much. We need your help, your honesty, your cooperation, and your equal dedication to fighting to build a defense before your trial.

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