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How to Protect Yourself While on Probation

how to protect yourself

If you’ve recently been put on probation, then you want to stay on your best behavior. Probation is a fragile ruling and it must be obeyed rigorously, so you don’t find yourself sent to jail. Probation is when a person is put on a supervised period of time to ensure they are practicing good behavior instead of being sent to jail or prison. In comparison to parole, probation is an alternative to being sent to jail or prison or is prior to incarceration. Probation gives you the chance to show that you’re able to stay on the right side of the law without needing incarceration. Our defense attorneys at Roselle & Breitigam, P.C. know how hard you’ve worked to stay out of jail, so it’s important that you continue to be on your best behavior, so you don’t violate any of the rules for probation. One of our focus areas at Roselle & Breitigam, P.C. is probation violation and revocation. However, before you get to that point, take the time to learn how to protect yourself while on probation.

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We have the experience and the knowledge to help you protect yourself while on probation. It’s important when you get out of having to go to jail or prison that you strictly obey the orders of the judge and the constraints of what you’re supposed to do while on probation. For example, when you need to call on a certain day or time, then you need to follow that rule. However, even though you’re on probation, you still have your future and your freedom to contend with. It’s important that you protect yourself while on probation. By arming yourself with the necessary knowledge you need to stay protected, you’re able to stay clear of incarcerated time.


One way you can keep yourself protected is by staying organized. Staying organized will ensure that you have all of the necessary paperwork in case it’s needed as proof of your probation completion or someone says you’ve violated your probation. By staying organized, you’ll eliminate any speculation about he-said-she-said situations. If someone says you didn’t finish your community service and you did, then this folder or draw of organized probation filed with be the proof you need. In a folder or a drawer, make sure to keep your initial paperwork for probation, your copies of pay stubs, the proof of completion or any updates of classes or treatment that was court-ordered, any correspondence you have about your probation, proof of payment, verification of community service performed, and any scrap of paper that has to do with communication about your probation. By having papers that record your probation, you won’t have to rely on your probation officer and anyone’s words to ensure you are able to be released and not have prolonged probation, or worse you’re sent to jail.


You have mandated meetings with your probation officer. The meetings are required and are the first priority. If you miss a meeting with your probation officer, then you could face dire consequences. Missing a meeting with your probation officer is a waste of their time and sends the worst message to them. Additionally, it shows that you don’t want to cooperate with the court’s orders. A report or a meeting with your probation officer allows you to be monitored for your progress and shows that you care about completing the conditions of your probation. Your meetings with your PO say that you’re dedicated to making a change in your life and you want to complete probation as quickly as possible. It’s your responsibility to make the meetings with your PO. By being organized and in control, you’ll be able to protect yourself from missing any meetings. When you make it a habit of being early and showing you’re invested in your future, it’ll display to your PO that you are doing everything possible to make a change in your life.


Make sure you take the time to communicate with your PO. Even if you’re not fond of your PO and you would rather be anywhere else in the world but sitting in his or her office, it’s important that you take the time to make a relationship with them that’s positive. If you do everything right and you follow the rules, then you won’t have to deal with your probation officer for any longer than you have to. By developing a positive relationship with your probation officer, they’ll be able to help you in various ways. For example, if you show your probation officer that you want to make a change and you violate your probation, they may be less likely to report the violation. Additionally, in certain cases, a probation officer can be a character witness in court and speak to your good behavior and your ability to want to change your life for a positive future.


The best way to protect yourself from a probation violation is by following the rules. When you follow the rules, you won’t have to worry about doing anything that’s against your probation. By putting you on probation, a judge thinks that you can stay out of trouble and you can make a change for your future. By following the rules, reading the guidelines of probation, and listening to your probation officer, you’re staying out of trouble and are showing you want a desirable outcome for your situation. Probation is very fragile and by showing that you’re respectful of the guidelines that you need to follow, you’re suggesting that you want to make a positive change in your life.

These suggestions will allow you to stay protected while on probation. Probation isn’t a walk in the park, but when you can protect yourself and you know the rules to follow, you’ll show others that you’re willing to stay out of trouble for the good of your future. For more information on a probation violation, continue to read our blog. Our defense attorneys also focus on areas such as DUI defense, drug charges, theft and property crimes, and felony and misdemeanor defense.