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Five Statistics About at Home Burglaries

As we covered in a previous blog, home burglaries around the holidays occur much more frequently than they do any other time of the year. From cars being stolen in mall parking lots to your house being broken into, the holidays can be a little worrisome for those who are going out of town or who have been burglarized in the past. Holiday home invasions do happen, so it’s vital that you take the necessary preventions and respond in the correct manner to keep yourself, your family, and your home safe. While we are defense attorneys, we want you to stay safe this holiday season by being more educated about burglaries and other financial crimes. For more information on property and theft crimes, then contact our defense attorneys.

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In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the statistics of home burglaries. This time of the year is one of the most popular to have your home burglarized because people are out of town; it’s easier to rob houses, and people have more items in their home because of presents. While we don’t want you to be alarmed about the possibility of being robbed, we do want you to be aware so you can prevent anything from happening in your home. By becoming more aware of these statistics, you can keep your home safe from any possible intruders. Keep these prevention tips in mind as you celebrate the holidays this season!


The first statistic we’re going to educate you on is the average amount of loss a household takes when they are robbed. While this number is an average, it’s still a lot of money for people to lose in their homes. In the average household in the United States, a burglary will result in about $2,251 of property loss. This number can be higher during the holiday season because more people have presented in their homes for loved ones. In 2014, victims of burglaries lost about $3.9 billion, and out of those about 75 percent were in residential properties.


Did you know that only 13.6 percent of people who burglarized houses were arrested? In the year 2014, only 13.6 percent of the people who robbed houses were caught. If a house is burglarized, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your items back and the perpetrator will be caught. This is because when someone robs your house it’s a difficult crime to solve. If the person who robbed your house is found, then, unfortunately, there’s not always a chance that you are able to get your property back.


Did you know the first place a burglar will go is the master bedroom? This might surprise you, but the master bedroom is generally where the most valuables are because that’s where the adults reside. In the master bedroom, it’s not likely that you hide your valuables, which is why a potential intruder goes in there first before doing anything else. When a burglar gets into your home, they’ll go through the dressers, nightstands, and look under the mattresses as well as the closets. The items that are in the master bedroom are usually jewelry, cash, electronics, weapons, and other personal and valuable items. A burglar will go through your personal possessions looking for the valuables because that’s what they want the most.


Generally, a burglar will break into a home that’s near where they live. This means that the burglar might live within a two-minute radius of your home. While that may be a scary and uncomfortable thought, it can actually be beneficial because you’ll have a higher chance of catching the culprit. On the other hand, because the potential intruder does live so close it can be easy to learn the family’s schedule and decide to break in when he or she knows no one is home. In addition, they may cause your house to see if you’re living for the holiday season or if there’s a build-up of packages during the day to know whether you’re home or not. The best way to avoid this is to always ask a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor to get your mail, newspapers, and packages.


A burglar will go to a home that looks the easiest to rob. This means a home that doesn’t have any signs of a security system, a dog, a family that doesn’t have a normal schedule or a home that is constantly locked. By having a home that’s harder to break into, a burglar might decide to pass over your home for a simpler break-in. If you don’t have the money for a security system, then a simple sign or a sticker will demonstrate a warning to people who may potentially rob you.

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