Accused Of A Crime? Call Our Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The power of government can overwhelm one person, standing alone.

Imagine you, or your son, or your daughter accused of a crime. Imagine standing alone against the formidable power of the Law Makers, the Law Enforcers, the Government Prosecutors, the Judge and the Penal System. They have the power to crush your future.

What protects the lone accused citizen from all this? Excellent defense attorneys and our constitutional laws. Based out of Fort Collins, our criminal defense team at Roselle & Breitigam, P.C., protects clients throughout Colorado from the power of the criminal justice system.

Former prosecutors-turned-aggressive criminal defense attorneys Jerry Roselle and William Breitigam provide defense in all areas of the criminal justice system in Northern Colorado.

Who Wins? The Government With All Its Power, Or You, Unprotected?

Sometimes the police make mistakes. Did they in your case? Was their arrest legal? How about their search of your car, your bag, your house? Do they believe a false witness?

Are tax-funded crime labs really accurate? Did they cut corners? When they claim your blood alcohol is over the limit, are they right?

And then there is the DA. Prosecutors are intelligent and focused Government lawyers. They don't work alone. Once they accuse you of a crime they use the Government's power and money to convict you. They are in it for "justice" and they already think you're guilty!

One Mistake Shouldn't Define Your Life. We Can Help.

With your future at risk, why even take a chance? Our excellent, honorable, and respected Defense Attorneys will protect you. We know when the Government steps over the line. We find out if they break the law. We confront their assumptions about you. And, we tell the Judge and Jury about it — in words they understand and listen to.

Simply put, we protect you. With the Power of our Laws! That's our job as your Defense Attorneys and we take it seriously. The Government already assumes you are guilty. And, they have the power to "prove" it. Don't give up. Don't go it alone. Now is not the time to cut corners. Come to us.

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Call or contact us by email to arrange an initial free confidential and informative consultation with our experienced Fort Collins criminal defense attorneys. We represent individuals charged with criminal offenses, DUI and traffic violations in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado communities throughout Larimer County and Weld County, including Greeley, Windsor and Loveland as well as clients in Routt County/ Steamboat Springs. The firm offers a free initial case evaluation with no obligation. Call us at 970-237-5702 or 888-369-0855.