We Know Felony Charges And Defense

Facing a felony charge in Colorado is one of the most traumatic events you or your family is likely to endure in your lifetime. For many types of felony charges, you may be facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence, a heavy financial fine, restitution to the victim and a black mark on your record that will follow you for a lifetime.

Effective legal defense for felony crimes involves an in-depth understanding of the criminal court process, discovery of evidence, legal motions to protect your rights, judge expectations and knowledge of how the District Attorney will prosecute your case. Prosecutors seek their version of “justice.” Prosecutors are under pressure by the public to seek convictions for felony charges. As former Deputy District Attorneys, Mr. Roselle and Mr. Breitigam know that when working with the DA’s office, an experienced defense attorney can often find an outcome that will help a good person avoid the worst-case scenario and protect his or her future. We also work with clients to seal their criminal records. We serve clients in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado.

“Our firm will go the extra mile to find an outcome that is focused on keeping a felony off your record and keeping you out of prison.” Jerry Roselle

Former prosecutors Jerry Roselle and William Breitigam offer more than a combined 40 years of experience in all areas of criminal defense, especially as felony lawyers. Since opening our doors in 1991, the firm has successfully represented hundreds of people charged with felonies ranging from property crimes to assault, weapons, drug offenses, and homicide charges.

We Know Misdemeanor Charges And Defense Too

What Is A Misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is classified as any offense charged by a municipal or state entity that can result in a jail sentence in a county jail, but not the state prison. A misdemeanor may be charged if the District Attorney determines that the offense does not warrant the serious penalties of a felony conviction, but should require more than a sentence of a fine and community service often handed down for a petty offense. Misdemeanors are classified into three categories, depending upon the severity of the offense. A Class One misdemeanor typically involves bodily injury or excessive property damage or theft. Class Two and Class Three misdemeanors vary by reduced degrees of severity of the offense and punishment.

You Must Take Misdemeanor Charges Seriously

If you have been accused of a misdemeanor, don’t think for a moment that you aren’t in serious trouble. Misdemeanors can negatively affect your permanent record, too. Starting your criminal defense against a misdemeanor charge as early as possible gives your lawyer every opportunity to work toward a desirable outcome.

Contact Roselle & Breitigam, P.C., as soon as possible after you have been charged or think you are under investigation. Make no statements to police. We will work quickly to protect your rights and to begin preparing a defense.

Our attorneys have extensive criminal defense experience representing individuals charged with all types of felony and misdemeanors in Northern Colorado courts, including:

  • DUI/ DUI Per Se/ DUID, drunk driving, DWAI
  • Drug charges
  • Homicide, assault, fighting, domestic violence
  • Theft, car theft, burglary, breaking and entering
  • Petty theft, shoplifting, campus crimes
  • Weapons and gun charges
  • Fraud, embezzlement, ID theft, credit card theft, check forgery
  • Misdemeanor traffic violations, repeat traffic offender
  • Probation violations
  • Harassment and stalking

What Makes Us Such Effective Fort Collins Felony Defense Attorneys?

An excellent reputation. A commitment to hard work. A dedication to clients.

Mr. Roselle and Mr. Breitigam are former Deputy District Attorneys for Larimer County. They know how prosecutors prepare their cases, and what strategies work best to protect their clients.

We conduct a thorough investigation and present an honest assessment of the case’s possible outcome. We have experience crafting aggressive and successful trial strategies and will pursue a favorable plea agreement or reduced sentence when it is appropriate.

Because of our in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system, we are often able to deal with police before charges are filed, often helping to limit charges that ultimately are brought. We conduct a thorough investigation and present an honest assessment of a case’s possible outcome. We have experience crafting aggressive and successful trial strategies and will pursue a favorable plea agreement or reduced sentence when it’s appropriate.

Clients find our attorneys do all of this with discretion and keep them informed through every step of their case. They also find the firm employees are intelligent, caring, and nonjudgmental and dedicated to understanding the worries and fears that accompany being charged with a crime. They know that clients need peace of mind.

Learn More About How We Can Protect You In A Free Consultation

Call or contact the firm by email to arrange an initial free confidential and informative consultation. We represent individuals charged with criminal offenses or traffic violations in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado communities throughout Larimer County and Weld County, including Greeley, Windsor and Loveland as well as clients in Routt County/Steamboat Springs.

If your circumstances will not allow you to come to the law firm, we will come to you.