Have you found yourself in a complicated legal situation? Do you feel like you’ve been a victim of bad circumstances, and worry that the consequences of one bad decision might ruin the rest of your life?

Everyone deserves the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer who will ensure that they’re awarded all the rights guaranteed to them by the U.S. Government and the laws of Laporte, Colorado.

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Gain Valuable Insight Into The Prosecution’s Strategy

Many attorneys in Laporte call themselves criminal defense lawyers but few can offer the unique combination of skill and experience that you’ll gain by working with Jerry Roselle and William Breitigam.

These two gentlemen built successful careers as prosecutors in Colorado, working on behalf of plaintiffs, and now they’re putting that experience to work for those on the other side of these cases: the defendants. With their help, it’s possible to anticipate the prosecution’s strategy and adjust the defense accordingly.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Prepared To Handle:

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